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Resident Parking

Record, track, and verify every resident vehicle in your community

Smart Parking Map™

The visual, interactive way to manage your assigned parking

Visually Manage Parking

Color-coding and labels (EV, compact, x-large) allows your team to easily put residents in the best possible space based on their unit number or proximity to stairs/elevators.

See Future Availability

Smart Parking Map allows your leasing agents to see what assigned spaces are becoming available up to 60 days into the future, making planning ahead easier than ever.

Increase Revenue

Do you know how much revenue your assigned parking should be generating? Assign a price to each space for better data on how you can optimize your parking income.

Seeing is empowering

Managing your assigned parking has never been easier. With a top-down view of your entire community, including multi-level garages, your assigned parking comes to life with real-time space assignment. Color coding distinguishes spaces that are assigned and spaces that aren’t—including future availability. Guest, future resident, retail, compact, oversized, EV, ADA, and other space designations are included on every Smart Map.

Optimize assigned space pricing

Smart Map makes it easy to see where you can charge more for premium parking locations. Whether its that prime spot next to an elevator or a space right in front of the building, your team can quickly adjust pricing on a space-by-space basis to maximize your parking revenue.

Smart Decals™

The little parking permit that makes a big difference

Scanning the QR code on the Smart Decal provides valuable information in seconds, and different information is displayed depending on the level of user access.
Public View
The corresponding decal number, license plate, space number, and most critically, whether or not the decal is active or inactive is displayed. This self-enforcing view is available to the public, so it creates accountability among community members without revealing private information.

Included with every account

Our 1.5” x 2.5” Resident Smart Decals come in six standard colors. Most communities benefit from using two or more colors for indicating multiple parking “zones” (e.g. open spaces vs. assigned spaces). This makes identifying whether vehicles are parked in the correct area quick and easy. Unlimited standard Smart Decals are included in every plan and come in both exterior and interior stick.


Since Smart Decals are not intended to be transferable, tamper-resistant slits are built into the die, making them difficult to remove without tearing to pieces. This helps prohibit residents from giving (or selling) their permit to a friend or neighbor when they move out of the community.


Our decals are made from a strong substrate and adhesive with an extra protective layer of UV lamination, giving them long life in harsh weather conditions.