Easy, fair, and flexible amenity reservations

Quickly set up your amenities
Set schedules and limits
Self-service resident passes
“Amenity Boss has been a great tool to help our teams manage their amenities. Pretty much nothing in 2020 went smoothly except the Amenity Boss roll out, giving our teams (and residents!) an easy to use tool.”

-  Heather Ostergard, VP Portfolio Services at Avenue5

Create fairness in your community

Fairness is vital for maintaining a peaceful community. With Amenity Boss, it comes built in.
 Set amenity occupancy and time limits
 Give every resident equal access
  Set specific limits and rules for each amenity

Setup amenities quickly and easily

The Amenity Manager app provides your teams everything they need to setup amenities in a snap
 Set up with no infrastructure needed
 Add as many amenities as you want
 Customize using photos you already have
  Manage contactless resident rollout via text or email

Make data-driven decisions

Run reports for insight needed to make the right choices about running your community
 Share data with ownership
 Make the right choices for your community
 See amenity usage reports
  Get better reviews

Give residents an app they’ll love

Our web-based app makes creating a pass simple and fun
 See live amenity schedules
 Create a pass in a couple of clicks
 Cancel a pass before it starts
  No iPhone or Android app to download

Maintain accountability

Create peace of mind with digital pass confirmation and live pass status
 See a live view of amenity passes
 Residents can see how many passes are registered
 Digital passes can be verified with a quick scan

Easily notify residents

Notify residents of your new amenity solution, along with their private passcode required to get passes, right from the admin tool
 Send text and email notifications from Manager admin
 Print, post, or send auto-generated PDF notices
 Post our professionally-designed amenity signs or clings